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I have been working for Just Fingerfoods Catering since March 2015. It is extremely enjoyable working at events as both a chef and a waitress. I've been in the Hospitality industry for my entire life, having only a few small breaks, I find myself always coming back as this is the industry I most enjoy working in. I hope my blog posts help your event run as smoothly as possible and if you have any catering event related topics you would like me to cover in my blog that I have not already blogged about, please feel free to email your ideas to me at and I will do my best to blog that topic as soon as possible.

Top Wedding Do’s and Don’ts

Top Wedding Do's and Don'ts Every couple should take some time, completely by themselves, to envision their perfect day. Ask yourselves the most important question of all: What feeling do I want my guests to have throughout the celebration? What emotions do I want them to take away? The answers to these questions will [...]

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Vegan Tomato and Mushroom Pancakes

Vegan Tomato and Mushroom Pancakes are healthy and you can't beat pancakes for breakfast or brunch. The Just Fingerfoods Team hopes you enjoy this delicious recipe. 140g white self-raising flour 1 tsp. soya flour 400ml soya milk vegetable oil, for frying For the topping 2 tbsp vegetable oil 250g button mushrooms 250g cherry [...]

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Wedding Seating Plan Tips!

Creating a Wedding Seating Plan Don't do too much thinking Don't overthink your Wedding Seating Plan. Generally at most weddings, people will only be seated at their designated tables until after their meal. So as long as they have people they like at their table and no one that they can't stand, chances are, they'll be [...]

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Little Quiches

These little quiches are a favourite at any adult or children's party.  From our experience they go so fast it's tricky to keep the supply up with the demand! This recipe is also great to teach kids how to cook. 4 sheets filo pastry Olive oil spray 3 eggs 3/4 cup (185ml) [...]

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Ideas for a Finger Food Dinner Party

We have some great ideas for a finger food dinner Party. When trying to please multiple guests choosing a menu can be hit and miss, Just Fingerfoods has the solution! We have some great ideas for a finger food dinner Party. Host a Just Fingerfoods dinner party!  This way you can appeal to many tastes [...]

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Unforgettable Barbecues!

Are you looking at having unforgettable Barbecues? Then look no further that the advice Just Fingerfoods Catering has right here! South East Queensland's perfect for year round backyard BBQ's.  Below we have listed a few ideas to help you throw thew most unforgettable barbecues that your friends will be talking about for years to come! [...]

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Top 10 dinner party ideas!

Below are Just Fingerfoods Caterings top 10 dinner party ideas! 1. Create a music playlist. Think about the flow from when the guests arrive through dinner and desert then onto after dinner drinks and beyond. 2.  Set the mood. Create a theme with the decorations the lighting and even the menu. 3.  Plan more than enough. [...]

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