Ideas for a Finger Food Dinner Party

We have some great ideas for a finger food dinner Party.

When trying to please multiple guests choosing a menu can be hit and miss, Just Fingerfoods has the solution! We have some great ideas for a finger food dinner Party.

Host a Just Fingerfoods dinner party!  This way you can appeal to many tastes and diets whilst having a relaxed dinner party with your favourite people.

1. Serve a variety. Healthy, indulgent, diet friendly, sweet, savoury, dips, spreads and something so different it becomes a conversational item for the night.

2. Serve more than enough. Here is a quick guide to how many different selections to serve:

  • 10-12 guests = 5 selections
  • 25 guests = 9 selections
  • 50 guests = 13 selections

3. Enlist help. Throwing a dinner party of any kind can be exhausting. If you truly want to enjoy yourself give us a call and let us help you.  Here at Just Fingerfoods we have chefs, wait staff and even bar staff available to make your event run smoother and your life easier. To see our staff prices click here.

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