Top 10 dinner party ideas!

Below are Just Fingerfoods Caterings top 10 dinner party ideas!

1. Create a music playlist.

Think about the flow from when the guests arrive through dinner and desert then onto after dinner drinks and beyond.

2.  Set the mood.

Create a theme with the decorations the lighting and even the menu.

3.  Plan more than enough.

You want you guests to have full tummies and it’s great to be prepared for unexpected additional guests.

4.  Loosen up.

Do not appear stressed when your guests arrive or this will ruin a well thought out plan.

5.  Get creative.

Flowers are over done, get creative with your decorations, challenge yourself to see what you can do with the budget you have. You want it to be a conversation starter!

6. Don’t delay.

Don’t keep your on time guests waiting if someone is late! serve to your plan so that you keep those who arrived on time are kept happy and in the mood to enjoy themselves.

7. Ice Ice Baby!

Remember to make or buy more than enough ice!  Never, never, ever run out of ice.

8.  Test your recipes.

Test them and test them again and make sure you ask your guests about allergies! You don’t want your guests being rushed to hospital because of your food!

9. Bring in help.

If you can’t cook as a friend to come in and help you with the planning and execution.

10. Bring in the professionals.

If you want to simplify everything, order catering, a chef, wait staff and bar staff to take care of it all so you can enjoy being with your guests.  Just Finger Foods Catering can do all of this for you with so many menus you will be spoiled for choice!


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